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New office woes

I’m just about moved in to my new upstairs office. I’ve decided to admit that I need more than a kitchen counter to organize all my work-related stuff. Maybe sometime soon I’ll actually organize the stack, but for now I’m … Continue reading

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Do you hate my blog’s design more than I hate designing blogs?

I’ve never been especially happy with Word Munger’s design, but now that I have a new iMac and see how particularly bad it looks on a nice bright screen in Safari, I’ve started to think about a redesign. Problem is, … Continue reading

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Would I be happier if I just believed?

“Rabbi Gellman”, who I’d never heard of until I saw the Hit and Run link to this article, is offended because atheists are so offended about believers. I may not be exactly his audience, because I’m not particularly offended at … Continue reading

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102 Movies meme

So these are the movies you’re supposed to have seen in order to have an intelligent conversation about movies. And the cool cats are reproducing the list and asterisking the ones they’ve seen. Oh, why the heck not? * 2001: … Continue reading

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At last, we’ve found the reason for rising tuition costs!

It’s tenure! As Michael B. puts it: You heard that right, folks: tuition has been going up 10 percent a year for the past 15 years, faculty raises have averaged 3 percent a year during that time, therefore faculty are … Continue reading

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Do cell phones ruin families?

Rachel over at Alas, a Blog has a post about a study which found that cell phones harm family relationships. Cell phone calls apparently make their lives so complex that the stress overwhelms them. I couldn’t find the study itself … Continue reading

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Is the Duke Lacrosse case just another media circus?

I’m a few days behind on my TiVoing of The Daily Show, but last night I saw the episode from Tuesday, I believe, where Jon Stewart ridiculed the media coverage of the Duke lacrosse rape case. Now, it’s clearly true … Continue reading

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Inadvertent 420 reference

I didn’t even realize it was 4/20 until after I made the post … honest!

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Random Tracks

Here’s a meme: Ten random tracks from iTunes, with commentary: 1. My Lord and Master, from the King and I, 1992 Broadway cast, performed by Lea Salonga. Okay, I didn’t buy this CD, but I do like the musical. Nice … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Word Munger!

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Word Munger is now two years old. Just a year ago, Word Munger took his first baby steps. Now he’s toddling around so quick, you can hardly keep up with him. You might think he … Continue reading

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The SHOCKING TRUTH about documentaries

Have you watched a TV documentary lately? I mean, one produced within the last three or four years? Were you able to stay awake for the whole thing? It seems to me that documentaries have taken a horrible turn for … Continue reading

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Why should I pay to e-file?

Okay, I just finished doing the taxes for 2005. Woohoo! But every year, I’m faced with the same dilemma: The IRS’s bizarre position on e-filing taxes. I can see why the IRS would want me to e-file: it saves them … Continue reading

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Yet another argument for paper ballots

Why, oh why do we need complicated voting machines to record a simple choice? Apparently because it’s much easier to steal an election that way.

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My copyediting experience

I, like Anne, just finished going over a copyedited manuscript. Unlike Anne, it didn’t take me six weeks, and I think the copyeditor did a fairly decent job. Either that or I’m just a worse copyeditor than my copyeditor. Also, … Continue reading

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Okay, this one’s been going around, so let’s give it a shot

100 things about me: 1. I am six feet, two inches tall 2. I’m rather tired just now 3. The only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring and a plastic watch 4. My glasses are made by Gucci, though … Continue reading

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Vision-based micro flying machines

Amazing tiny remote-controlled airplane. Check out the video: It’s now being developed into an autonomous flying machine. They’ve already achieved 5 minutes of autonomous flight in a 20-foot-square room. edit: oops! Main link doesn’t work — you have to click … Continue reading

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What’s the point of going?

Donald Pittenger asks why it’s worth the bother to go to a classical music concert. After all, you can just pop a CD into the ol’ stereo and listen. Why mess with the cramped seats, the small talk in the … Continue reading

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Snarky post title

Witty, yet cryptic catchline Obligatory disclaimer indicating that I know everyone has already linked to this, but I’m providing it as well, just in case you missed it. Expression of gratitude

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I’ve been invited to participate in a new service called Blogburst. It’s supposed to syndicate this blog to newspapers, etc., thus increasing my traffic. Interesting concept. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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Duke has problems

No, not those problems, these problems. Somehow I can’t bring myself to care. I used to be a big Duke fan. Thanks to their lacrosse team, I’m not sure I ever will be again.

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