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Blogging stats gone wrong

Grumpy Old Bookman has an interesting post about the significance of blogs. He summarizes some stats from a Financial Times article: Most blogs have very few readers. Only two blogs get over 1 million readers a day, the 100th most … Continue reading

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Just a thought: Here’s what’s wrong with “The Long War”

When did they start calling the Thirty Years War the “Thirty Years War”? Halfway through? What about the Hundred Years War? You can’t call it “The Long War” until it’s over. Do you think the folks who fought the Thirty … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as free speech

There’s been a lot of pontificating lately about freedom of speech. First, there were the offensive Mohammed cartoons published in the Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten, leading to riots and burnings across the Middle East. Lots of newspapers stood by JyllandsPosten, even … Continue reading

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The stack

I just realized that I’ve been piling all the articles I’ve been reading for Cognitive Daily for nearly a year now in one stack. It’s over 170 articles, and the pile itself is quite impressive: Over ten inches of dense, … Continue reading

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Judged sports

I don’t write a lot about sports here, but the fact of the matter is, I’m a sports nut. My favorite is the most politically incorrect sport of all: football. I just love watching steroid-laden bullies smack each other’s brains … Continue reading

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Here’s a simple algebra problem: A + B = PZ So California now requires algebra and geometry of all its high school graduates. Forty-four percent of all Los Angeles high school students fail algebra, and an additional 17 percent pass … Continue reading

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What majors promote “thought”?

Here’s a quote that’s been making the rounds lately: The death of the humanities and the disciplines that promote “thought”—the majors in which have declined in real terms to less than 10% of college majors, with business expanding to 22%—results … Continue reading

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The psychology of e-mail

Normally I don’t link to many Cognitive Daily posts here, since I don’t think the readership of Word Munger and CogDaily intersect much. But today’s post might interest Word Munger readers. Here’s an excerpt: Kruger and his team argue that … Continue reading

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Here’s a fun social experiment

My Johari Window — via Scalzi, of course. You can go there and indicate what you think my “qualities” are, then compare them to my own assessment of myself. If you have your own Johari Window (you can create one … Continue reading

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Could pro sports elevate their standards to high school levels?

When I was in high school, the rules for athletic participation were clear: if you didn’t have grades at a minimum level, you were off the team. My high school basketball team had a benchwarmer who — it was later … Continue reading

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The power of brand names

People prefer inferior peanut butter when it’s got a recognizable brand name. People will say the same peanut butter tastes better when it’s labeled as a recognizable brand. Link. Wow. Just wow.

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Scalzi says I use too many dashes

I’ll admit it — I use more than my fair share of dashes. Here’s what John Scalzi has to say about dashes: Dashes: You can use these when you’ve already used a colon or a semi-colon in a sentence, but … Continue reading

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Random thoughts about religious freedom

P.Z. Myers is very clear in his views on religion: he doesn’t like it. For Myers, Ken Ham is an example of why religion is so damaging. In one sense, I agree — scoundrels like Ham make religion look pretty … Continue reading

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250-pound rubber band ball!

See the rubber band ball crush an old computer monitor! You can even donate money to fund the rubber band ball’s expansion!

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If you’re thinking about switching to a Mac

Be prepared. You should also realize that none of these things are a particularly big deal. You’ll get through this in a few hours, then wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. Update: make sure you read the comments for my … Continue reading

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Save our national parks (again)!

Last September, I wrote a post about why we need to protect our national parks. Now the policy I wrote about is one step closer to implementation. If you’re not happy with what’s being done to our national park administration, … Continue reading

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Another thing about Flight 93

There’s no doubt that Flight 93 is a schlocky melodrama, but it’s good schlocky melodrama, and that’s an important point. Another point in its favor, mentioned in the Reuters review, is the use of relatively unknown, ordinary-looking actors. This helps … Continue reading

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Flight 93

Last night I went on one of the most harrowing journeys I’ve ever been on. My palms were soaked in cold sweat, and my heart was beating at an astonishing rate. All this while sitting comfortably on my living room … Continue reading

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Jane Galt on abortion

Jane Galt’s at it again: Back in the good old days, she argues, women got abortions so their lives wouldn’t be destroyed from the shame of being unwed mothers. By contrast, we are now having abortions so that we can … Continue reading

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Seed Magazine fiction supplement

Did you know that Seed Magazine has a fiction supplement? I didn’t, and I work for them! If you’re a fiction writer, here’s a chance for you to get some serious exposure for your work — as long as it … Continue reading

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