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Just a quick question

Am I the only one who eats chocolate in the morning? Whenever I buy a brownie or a cookie before noon, I always get some snide remark, either from another customer, or from the cashier. Did I miss the “Miss … Continue reading

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Should we “just make it all up?”

Grumpy Old Bookman has written an absolutely masterful blog post. In it, he points out that few memoirs are 100 percent truthful accounts, and that even most novels have autobiographical elements that might get their authors into trouble. The only … Continue reading

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Must … resist … urge to blog about the 2006 Subaru Baja

While some have suggested that the ScienceBlogs will be compromised by the appearance of ads, I just want to say that though the 2006 Subaru Baja is one of the sexiest cars out there (and eminently relevant to cognitive psychology), … Continue reading

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Let me bore you some more

As if I haven’t ranted enough about the abortion debate (which I prefer to refer to as the pro/anti sex debate), I want to rant a little more. Now Jane Galt’s got a long piece about why sex education isn’t … Continue reading

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Make love, not war!

William Saletan wants pro-choicers to declare war on abortion. William Saletan is wrong. First off, where do we get off declaring war on a concept? You declare war on a country, not a concept (and no one even bothers with … Continue reading

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Technorati “Explore”

Technorati has a new feature: Explore. I wouldn’t have noticed it, except apparently someone used it to find Cognitive Daily. Just this moment, a Cognitive Daily post tops the list. It’s different from tags, because (I think) instead of looking … Continue reading

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Interesting profile of Jared. Unfortunately the article doesn’t settle the debate Greta my kids and I were having the other day: what does Jared make? You know who I’m talking about — it’s Jared. As the article points out, it’s … Continue reading

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Touring the Technorati Top 100

I noticed a feature on Technorati today — can’t say whether it’s actually new or just new to me — the Top 100. Taking a long look at this list can be depressing — Kos has 50,000 links? For those … Continue reading

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This kind of thing really bugs me

I hate it when the popular press leaps on a “new scientific discovery,” and it turns out that the research hasn’t even been published yet. Such is the case with this research on brain patterns in political partisans (update: it’s … Continue reading

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“I Have a Dreamsicle”

I’d nominate this Stephen Colbert parody of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech for best satire of the year. Unfortunately I can’t get it to play on my Mac. Fortunately I have TiVo. But in case you can, and you … Continue reading

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Funny, funny web site

You probably spotted this web site years ago, but it’s new to me. Hilarious “demotivational” posters and other gear.

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Lessig on the Google lawsuits

Lawrence Lessig has posted a presentation of his arguments on the Google lawsuits. If you don’t want to spend 30 minutes watching it, here’s a quick summary. First, read my post from last October on the subject (back then, Google … Continue reading

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Should RAs lead Bible study?

Ed Brayton is unimpressed with the University of Wisconsin’s recent decision to allow two of its campuses to continue to prohibit dorm RAs from holding Bible study in their dorm rooms. The problem with all of this is that their … Continue reading

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My 15 minutes continues

In addition to the recent NYT and BoingBoing mentions, it turns out I got a letter to the editor accepted in The Atlantic. In case you don’t have a subscription, here’s the text of my letter. Ross Douthat does an … Continue reading

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What, have we done a time warp to the '70s?

So the Sonics beat Phoenix 152-149, an NBA player scored 81 points in a game, and Seattle has a team in a championship game. Sounds a lot more like 1978 than 2006.

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Is publishing dying?

Vanessa at The Rough Draft is offended by the disillusionment in the publishing industry lately: The fact that publishing is dying is not new. It’s been dying practically since the printing press was invented. Critics have come out almost every … Continue reading

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From the folks who bring you intelligent design…

… Here’s how they apply themselves to the problem of Noah’s flood. Wow … just … wow. If this isn’t an argument for why we shouldn’t take the Bible literally, I don’t know what is.

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Now we’ve been BoingBoinged!

This could be bigger than the NY Times article. (And don’t worry, Chad, this time you got mentioned, too!)

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More on the NYT ScienceBlogs article

I had promised to write more yesterday about the New York Times article that mentioned Cognitive Daily yesterday. Unfortunately, I got bogged down writing two CogDaily posts (here and here). Turns out — at least for now — that “Casual … Continue reading

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Cognitive Daily gets a mention in the New York Times

There’s an article today in the New York Times that discusses the ScienceBlogs enterprise and actually mentions Cognitive Daily by name. It’s not exactly the sort of mention one hopes for when one imagines getting mentioned in the New York … Continue reading

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