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I really hope Scalzi’s got this right

John Scalzi thinks all that’s wrong with Kansas is that a couple of wingnuts snuck into power, and when everyone realizes what wackos are in charge, they’ll be voted right out again. By all that is Noodly, and … er … Continue reading

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Health care — and you!

Last night Greta and I tried to sort through her employer’s new health care plan choices. Choice 1 was the same old plan, only costing us more money. Choice 2 was a “health savings account.” I’ve talked about how much … Continue reading

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Let my people leave

The latest plan for solving France’s “immigrant problem”: pay them to leave. Give ‘em $25,000 to pack their bags and let ‘em live like kings in Tunisia. One question (well, one among many, really): do you think Tunisia wants them … Continue reading

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Article fodder

The Washington Post has figured out a new way to come up with story ideas — just check out what’s sitting on the table by the entrance of the local Barnes and Noble.

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Consider yourself warned

Do not, I repeat, do not watch this video before you go out for your morning run / bike ride / dog trot. You will not be able to do one-quarter of what these guys do. You will think you … Continue reading

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So let me get this straight…

We have enough oil to last until 2030 … in the best case scenario … and this is supposed to be good news? This is what Forbes — the “capitalist tool” — is reporting. Why are we not quaking in … Continue reading

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“We do not torture”

Uh-huh. Ignore those photos and videos you’ve seen of Americans attaching electrodes to prisoners, those reports of beatings, of near-drownings. Just listen to George. More here.

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If you were a prince

If you were a prince, what would you eat? Would you eat leek soup and braised duck legs at every meal? Or would you sometimes just head down to Taco Bell for a couple Gorditas?

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How bad does Bush suck?

This bad. Be sure to scroll down for the graph comparing his suckage to other recent presidents. Guess who “wins”! (via Kevin Drum)

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The long and short of posting

Ionfish observes that the longer his blog posts, the fewer comments he gets. Funny, I’ve found just the opposite.

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Google Print — what are we really getting?

Ben Vershbow of If:book has taken a look at Google Print and doesn’t like what he sees: This is not an online library, it’s a marketing program. Google Print will undeniably have its uses, but we shouldn’t confuse it with … Continue reading

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Flying windmills. No, honest, they’re real!

Yep. Now let’s start the debate about whose back yard to put them in. Not mine!

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Discussing copies right

One of the most common responses I get when I try to discuss copyright issues with friends (aside from their eyes glazing over) is what I call the c’mon defense. As in “C’mon, isn’t all this hoo-ha about freedom really … Continue reading

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The New Yorker on buying textbooks

James Surowiecki has an interesting point. The real losers in this game are those who buy textbooks and hold on to them: graduate students, bookworms, and lazy people. Those idiots! Why keep a book for reference when you can sell … Continue reading

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What Hollywood wants to do to your analog hole

This is so scary I don’t even have a snarky comment to introduce it

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The least-sexy proposal in politics

The health savings account. Just think of it — putting away your hard-earned dollars in the hope of someday splurging on a … a … dialysis, or I don’t know … maybe you’ll go wild and get hemmorrhoid surgery! Despite … Continue reading

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