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Siva on Google

Siva Vaidhyanathan has written a Google-bashing article for the Chronicle of Higher Education (via if:book), taking a contrarian view of the impact of Google Print (actually now called Google Book Search). Far from simply extending its renowned search engine to … Continue reading

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One abortion, two abortion…

So you have one abortion, that’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. But have two abortions, and suddenly you’re a brazen hussy at worst, and one of society’s “problems” at best. Apparently even liberals are anti-sex when it gets down to it.

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Thursday is blog against racism day

The headline says it all, folks. Please blog against racism tomorrow. See here for details.

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Is Narnia being profaned?

So apparently C.S. Lewis was opposed to the idea of a live-action version of his Narnia books. The reason: “Anthropomorphic animals, when taken out of narrative into actual visibility, always turn into buffoonery or nightmare.” I wonder if Lewis ever … Continue reading

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College, Reading, and the Internet

I heard a good interview with a father who paid $12,000 for a college admissions counseling service after his daughter was waitlisted (in October [!] of her senior year) at the University of Chicago. The father claimed that his daughter … Continue reading

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The Champagne of … Champagnes

A few years ago, an old friend stopped by with a gift. Last Saturday night, in our living room with some even older friends, we opened it. It was a 1995 Cuvée Dom Pérignon. I love wine, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m currently stale-ifying bread for stuffing using the oven. Oh, for the good old days, when we just went to the store and bought pre-made croutons. Or the really good old days, when people just happened to have stale bread … Continue reading

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WaPo does avatars

The Washington Post has an article about the growing popularity of avatars. Gives some good information about this trend, but doesn’t really touch on research suggesting that it’s easy to deceive people using avatars.

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Our two choices in Iraq

I finally finished reading James Fallows’ long cover story in this month’s Atlantic. Unfortunately, if you don’t subscribe, you can’t read it, but let me give you the two-cent summary (or, alternately, you can read Brad DeLong’s extensive excerpts here). … Continue reading

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What we’re really spending all that money on

Good article showing why we’re going broke in record numbers. Believe it or not, it’s not the Hummers, video games, and designer clothes. Think housing, education, and medical care. And the housing part isn’t so much McMansions, but paying a … Continue reading

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Is there a “beyond atheism”?

Penn Jillette gave a funny little spiel on NPR this morning (follow the link for the complete text). Jillette says he’s not just an atheist; he’s “beyond atheism.” Atheism, for Jillette, is just “not believing in God.” Jillette, by contrast, … Continue reading

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Should blogs count as scholarship?

Robert Boynton has an interesting article over at Slate on how blogs impact professors’ chances for promotion (via if:book). Boynton’s article is one of the more restrained responses to the uproar in the blogosphere over Dan Drezner’s tenure denial at … Continue reading

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Internet Zillionaire

I’ve just added Internet Zillionaire to my links list. It’s a little X-boxy for my tastes, but the “lifestyle” section made me laugh out loud. Reason enough to let them clamber aboard!

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Okay, this is just a little bit creepy…

… whenever I sign on to the Washington Post, it greets me like this: Creepy.

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What happens when a blog gets sold

This blog was sold on August 24 for $2000. Read the comments to find out what happened next. Pathetic.

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What research should we fund?

A commenter over on Cognitive Daily suggested that some of the research we report on isn’t practical and therefore shouldn’t be funded. I won’t single him out, but if you’re really interested, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to … Continue reading

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A $100 Mac?

MacRumors has picked up on the story that Steve Jobs offered to donate Mac OS X to the $100 laptop project. Of course, the $100 laptop folks turned him down flat. Why? Isn’t Mac OS X a much better choice … Continue reading

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Computer — TV convergence

CNN has a poll on computers and TVs (scroll down to see it): As you can see, I voted for “10 years.” At the moment, I’m one of the tech-pessimists. More people said less than 10 years, and a surprising … Continue reading

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Do we really only need to teach rhetoric and critical thinking?

Kevin Drum has a query up asking his readers to recommend a good education blog. I’d like to find one or two good edublogs myself, but more interestingly, the thread was hijacked by a debate about whether all we need … Continue reading

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iPods and Viagra

Michael Blowhard thinks listening to music on an iPod is like sex with Viagra. Having little experience with the former and none with the latter, I guess I’ll have to take his word for it. So is it that the … Continue reading

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