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Google as the enemy

Around here (near Charlotte, NC), Google is nearly always portrayed as the Noble Innovator, constantly coming up with new ideas that make Life Easier for the Rest of Us. In just the last few months, they’ve come out with Picasa, … Continue reading

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Suing Google

I know I’m a little late to this party, but I did want to say something about the Author’s Guild’s suit against Google. If you haven’t heard about this yet, the basic premise of the lawsuit is that Google is … Continue reading

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A story

About a week ago, I return home from my high school reunion. You know the drill: get up early in the morning, have coffee and maybe a donut for breakfast, fly across the country without even so much as a … Continue reading

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When my dad told me he was learning to fly, I had reason to be skeptical about the project. Over the years, just about every endeavor my dad and I have attempted has nearly been disastrous — hiking 130 miles … Continue reading

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You’re looking good! No, YOU’RE looking good!

I was prepared for my high school reunion to be disappointing. I had expected that I’d have nothing in common with these people after 20 long years. I went to high school in Seattle, at Garfield High, in the 1980s. … Continue reading

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Google Blogsearch: Cool, but not quite

I just took a look at Google’s new blogsearch tool, and I have to say, it’s quite impressive. Search for perceiving attractiveness and it puts yesterday’s Cognitive Daily post right up top. And check out the advanced search: it’s all … Continue reading

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(Not) Writing about Katrina

Ever since August 29, every blog and his brother has been writing about Katrina. Heck, even if:book has gotten into the act, and if ever a blog has been known to stay on-topic, it’s that one. Have I been reading … Continue reading

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My life, my e-mails

Scott Esposito links to an interesting collection of snippets about the use of e-mails in writing biographies. While some writers seem to think their e-mails might be of use to future biographers, others are more skeptical. First of all, there … Continue reading

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More on long prose narrative

Scott Esposito is responding to a Michael Blowhard post on the future of long prose narrative. I’ve written about this before, but not in the way these guys are. Michael is speculating that the long prose narrative will be history … Continue reading

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An immodest proposal

After I heard news of the outrage over Planned Parenthood’s appeal for donations to restore its hurricane-ravaged facilities and help women in need in the wasteland created by Katrina, I’ve come to a simple conclusion: We need to reframe the … Continue reading

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(Not) Protecting our National Parks

America’s national parks present an amazing veneer of pristine eternal beauty. Sometimes we are so overawed by their breathtaking enormity that we forget how fragile they really are. The power of majestic mountain peaks, of tall trees, of sculpted landscapes, … Continue reading

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