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Finally, some reasonable arguments from the NYT on ID

After an awful series on the evolution “debate,” the New York Times has finally published a sane argument on the topic. Now, I don’t know how many IDers are going to read all 2,400 words of Daniel Dennet’s article, but … Continue reading

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The answer

Wow, I didn’t realize how hard this would be. Friday’s “contest” asked readers to guess the origin of a list of words. Since no one got it, I decided to have mercy on y’all and give you the answer. If … Continue reading

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Contest o’ the day

Ten points for the first commenter to guess the significance of the following list of words: fuck sex love the shit god I cunt ass pussy jesus dog hate john vagina bush hello me bitch UPDATE: Okay, people clearly seem … Continue reading

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How the heck does Google manage to stay in business?

Two interesting articles on Google lately. First, from Brad DeLong, an article responding to recent bouts of insider selling at Google. He cites a WSJ article indicating that many insiders at Google are selling their shares. Could they know something … Continue reading

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Evolution versus Intelligent Design

Over on Cognitive Daily, we’re hosting Tangled Bank, a collection of blog posts about science. However, we were uncomfortable posting some of the submissions on what’s supposed to be an objective site, so rather arbitrarily, we decided to move those … Continue reading

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Peak Oil, and other random thoughts

I’m still not quite fully home yet. It just takes a while to get back into the routine. What this means is that my thoughts tend to be a little less complete than usual (I do hope this is just … Continue reading

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The social aspects of taking a dump in the woods

When does one of the most private acts become a social activity? Ironically, when you go to an isolated place to do it. Even in a large public restroom, taking a dump is largely a private activity. There are stalls … Continue reading

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Back in Carolina

Well, I’m finally home from the desert southwest. You know what? It’s hotter here in the muggy southeast. A lot hotter. Just one more set of pictures to share, from my hike with Nora in Kings Canyon National Park. This … Continue reading

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Now, that’s a museum!

After my disappointment with the King Tut exhibit a couple days ago, I was a bit tremulous about the L.A. museum scene. We were actually considering leaving town a few days early, but then we realized our hotel was prepaid, … Continue reading

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Born in Arizona, moved to L.A.

I never saw the King Tut exhibition when it toured in the 1970s, even though it came to my hometown of Seattle. There was no end to the hype for the exhibition back then. There was that eminently hummable Steve … Continue reading

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As the vacationblog turns

What can I say about Disneyland? I have a love/hate relationship with all things Disney. As a child in the 1970s, the few Disney cartoons that were being produced were hardly worth watching. Then in the 1980s, Disney underwent a … Continue reading

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Vacationblogging: Continued

Los Angeles, California I’m slowly catching up to the present of our vacation. Monument Valley, that site of all those great Westerns, is actually on Navajo land. The tribe has a different approach to showing off its national monuments than … Continue reading

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$*@%*@@^ technology!

A few days ago, we were in what was once one of the remotest towns in America, Kanab, Utah, in the wilds of the Colorado river canyon system, just 40 miles from the impenetrable Grand Canyon. Now that there’s a … Continue reading

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Yet more vacationblogging

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas. Yes, we’re in Vegas, but just for one night. We thought we’d stop in Disneyland for grown-ups before we headed to the real Disneyland tomorrow. But right now, I want to write a little bit more … Continue reading

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