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More vacationblogging

It’s sunrise at Monument Valley, on the Utah-Arizona border. The sun comes up behind the monuments, silhouetting them in a beautiful orange glow. We’re staying a Goulding’s lodge, which elevated itself from a struggling trading post to a tourist mecca … Continue reading

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High school

A few weeks back, I was contacted by my high school’s 20th reunion committee. Somehow, I got roped into designing our class web site. Yes, I do think I’ll go to the reunion, if only to see that the girls … Continue reading

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We’re heading into serious vacation blogging season. In less than a week I’ll be in the canyons of Utah, exploring the majestic geological formations created by millennia of erosion and movements in the earth’s crust creations of God [this assertion … Continue reading

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Cute animation on Social Security

I got e-mailed this link to a cute little animation about Social Security. It’s interesting, and it does present a nice summary of the of the Bush plan to “save” Social Security. I’m not sure about the rhetoric, though. I … Continue reading

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Two responses to the London attacks

John McGowan has a thoughtful and moving post about the “war on terror” and whether a violent response is the best response. It’s quite a radical statement, and it may actually be true. Unfortunately I don’t think you’re ever going … Continue reading

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Is this the lamest study ever or what?

On Cognitive Daily, we have editorial standards. We won’t post on a study which we don’t think is worthwhile. Fortunately here I have no such restrictions. Consider this article from Brain and Cognition: “Appearance of Symmetry, Beauty, and Health in … Continue reading

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In case you haven’t seen it yet

You should head over here and see the most amazing array of Nigerian spammer-inspired poetry to date (there are DOZENS in the comment thread). It’s a game, too — guess which poetic form each satirist is using. I’ll give a … Continue reading

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On vacation

No, I’m not on vacation now. I’m writing about vacation, as Jane Galt and Kevin Drum have also done recently. Jane’s point is an interesting one. Sure, Europeans have more vacation than Americans, but only because the government forces them … Continue reading

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Flag desecration?

Our local real estate agent is at it again, peppering the neighborhood with free advertising for her firm by planting flags in everyone’s lawn: I suppose they’re kinda cute, in a blatant-self-huckstering-at-the-expense-of-the symbol-of-freedom way, but I do wonder if this … Continue reading

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