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Proof that I am not a lazy slob

Despite my promise of lower blog activity for the next couple weeks, I have found time to write a 1,300-word review of The Outlaw Sea, which has now been posted over at Conversational Reading. Check out the review, and if … Continue reading

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Sorry, light posting for a while

For the next couple weeks, I’m going to be posting fairly lightly here. I’m working on revising my book to send out to agents, but I will be updating Cognitive Daily and making an occasional appearance here. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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An atheist’s Easter

Christians always tell us that Easter is the most important holiday of the year, despite the fact that Christmas is vastly more influential. Everyone knows Santa could lick the Easter Bunny with both mittens tied behind his back. Easter was … Continue reading

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Writing as a job

I’ve always written, but writing has, for me, also always been a sideline. I was mainly an editor for many years, then mainly a book producer, then mainly a student, then mainly a semi-employed househusband. But now writing has become … Continue reading

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Skimania — the epilogue

So, we finished our little ski trip having accomplished our goal, but it did take some resolve. On Wednesday we awoke to a steady drizzle, and when we hit the slopes we were immediately soaked. No matter, we thought: a … Continue reading

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Photo-free skimania update

Well, the first casualty of the ski trip was my camera: I didn’t check the batteries before we left, and therefore they were dead when I tried to take a picture of the spectacular view from our hotel room. Let … Continue reading

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It seems as if Vidsanity is hardly out of our minds, but now the Munger family has come up with yet another crazed “plan”: to ski all the trails at Snowshoe Ski Mountain in West Virginia, in only two days. … Continue reading

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For the love of God, just give me a list!

2blowhards has enabled its promised best of feature, which is a great way to find hidden gems. Right away, I found an article I must have missed last year, Michael’s diatribe about the magazine table of contents, where he notes … Continue reading

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Ah, March in the South!

I just wanted to reflect for a moment on what a lovely day it is here in the South. While the Northerners are still up there shivering, we in the South get to enjoy flowering daffodils, plums and forsythia. Here’s … Continue reading

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My respect for librarians continues to grow

Boing Boing pointed me to a great article about the role of libraries in distributing government documents. Traditionally, libraries served as a depository for documents published by the Government Printing Office (GPO). To cover its costs, the GPO sold the … Continue reading

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Finally, a sensible approach to Social Security

Great Washington Post article about how best to resolve the Social Security dilemma. This is a Social Security plan I can get behind. Money quote: Making protection of the vulnerable the first order of business does have a cost. It … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace and the Future of Books/Radio

There’s been a lot of commentary online about the new David Foster Wallace article in The Atlantic. Dan Visel at if:book is interested in the design of the article and how the online version compares. Scott Esposito has two posts … Continue reading

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Blog carnivals

Ever heard of a blog carnival? I hadn’t either, until I was invited to join one last week. I submitted a couple of posts from Cognitive Daily, and sure enough, we were included in issue #23 of Tangled Bank, a … Continue reading

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Science writing — and YOU!

Chris at Mixing Memory has a stern warning to would-be science writers: Beware! Danger ahead! He offers several pieces of advice on how to write about science, which I’ll try to summarize here: 1. Read before you write 2. Don’t … Continue reading

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I am officially uncool

Michael Berube on (Keep Feeling) Fascination by the Human League: one of the worst songs written since the retreat of the global ice sheets circa 10,000 B.C.E. I guess the fact that I owned the EP single of this song … Continue reading

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Design tweaking today

I’m upgrading to WordPress 1.5 and doing some minor tweaks to the site menu and design today, so things may look a little strange for a while. It should be back to normal soon. Update 4:39 p.m. EST: Well, there … Continue reading

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The incredible chicken harvester

You’ve probably already seen this on Boing Boing, but in case you haven’t, here it is. How did you think they caught all those free range chickens? Make sure you watch the video!

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The privileges of privilege

Jane Galt pointed me to this Matt Yglesias post about this New York Observer article about Ross Gregory Douthat, the young Atlantic Monthly prodigy and author of a memoir about his privileged years at Harvard, aptly entitled Privilege. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Is the New York Times the root of all evil?

Okay, I really screwed this one up, so let me try to fix this: Just One Minute has an extended rant post about how “Jodi Wilgoren of the NY Times may have committed a deadly lapse of judgment in her … Continue reading

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Guy eats at McDonald’s for a month; loses weight

Jared, eat your heart out — it turns out you can eat at McDonald’s and still lose weight. That’s right, a Canadian man ate every meal at Mickey D’s for an entire month and ended up losing 17 pounds. Seems … Continue reading

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