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The tortured truth

I had a great post all worked up about torture, but then Firefox crashed on me and all was lost. Unfortunately I don’t have time today to rewrite, so I’ll give you the five-second summary: You should watch “The True … Continue reading

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More social insanity

Just one minute continues to flog its case for privatization by arguing, for the umpteenth time, that the Social Security trust fund doesn’t exist, and that therefore Social Security will start to go bankrupt in 2018, instead of the more … Continue reading

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Whence horses and buggies?

There was a time when the most important thing a man owned was his horse. There was a time when it was a graver offense to steal a horse than to kill a man. Then along came the automobile, belching … Continue reading

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Bush to replace Social Security with lottery, gold watch

President George Bush today finally unveiled his much-anticipated plan to fix Social Security. While pundits had long been expecting some sort of “privatization” plan, they were surprised when he revealed the full extent of his proposed changes to the venerated … Continue reading

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Social Insanity

I’ve been saving up my thoughts on Social Security for an upcoming Satire Friday, but the real news on Social Security has become urgent enough that I’ve decided to tackle it in a regular, non-satirical post. I should say at … Continue reading

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Cathedrals and computers

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, I used to love to study in the hushed cathedral of knowledge that was the Harper Library (this was the best picture I could find online — I actually attended … Continue reading

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Okay, I’ll bite

Anders Jacobsen is offering to donate $1 for every blog posting a link to his page and the following tsunami relief organizations. You can add mine to the list, Anders! I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll add my own … Continue reading

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Tsunami thoughts

I’ve avoided writing about the Indian Ocean tsunamis until now because the level of destruction was so vast that it simply exceeded my reckoning powers. One aspect of the disaster that I found incredibly frustrating was the news reporting on … Continue reading

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