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Official Word Munger undecided voter guide

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve already decided who to vote for in the upcoming elections. But if you’re “undecided,” you’re a victim of an oppressive malady. For you, it just seems like everyone is pressuring you to make a … Continue reading

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How secure is your vote?

The e-voting issue has now moved beyond the level of a few geeks to a national news story. Last night 60 Minutes reported on the issue (I missed the show, but they’ve got a nice article up on their website … Continue reading

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So, what’s North Carolina like?

As I’ve mentioned on this site before, I grew up in Washington State. Now I live in North Carolina, and friends often ask me what it’s like. “I mean, do they have nature there?” And “how come there are never … Continue reading

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Updating system….

Bear with me; I’m updating my wordpress software today, so things may not work for a while… cross your fingers! Update: Whew! That worked. Now I’m going to be working on the site design, so things may look funky, but … Continue reading

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When to vote, oh, when to vote?

Yesterday I got a phone call from a real live person reminding me I can now vote early in North Carolina. This guy was knowledgeable enough to tell me the location of the nearest polling place, as well as its … Continue reading

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Top ten annoying things you people do in theaters

Besides the obvious, such as leaving your cell phones and hourly watch chimes on: 10. Crinkle wrappers for your contraband snacks, usually at the quietest moment in the show (henceforth referred to as the QMS). 9. Wait in the lobby … Continue reading

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Boston Red Sox capture Osama Bin Laden

In the biggest comeback in military history, the Boston Red Sox today captured the world’s most elusive terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. “After our victory against the Yankees on Wednesday, we realized there was really nothing we couldn’t do,” said hero … Continue reading

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A world made of cuttlefish

The cuttlefish is a truly amazing creature. Its entire skin surface is covered with chromatophores, which make it able to blend in to its environment with incredible precision. Some cuttlefish can actually create mesmerizing moving patterns on their skin, making … Continue reading

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A northerner sees a southern world disappear

I have to admit, when I first moved to the South ten years ago, I wasn’t quite ready for it. I didn’t know what to do when cars honked at me as I walked by on the sidewalk (it turns … Continue reading

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Social Security revisited

I wrote about Social Security (satirically, of course) in 2001. You can read the article here. It’s amazing how little about the debate has changed. Now, with another election coming up, the issue is being raised again, and George Bush … Continue reading

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How much e-mail to save?

I used to be able to say I had a copy of every e-mail I’d ever sent or received. I just kept whatever it was I’d written and archived my old messages. But in the process of transferring from computer … Continue reading

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Extreme Makeover does the White House

As Ty Pennington addressed the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team in their motor home, a tear began to form in his eye: “Guys, we’ve done some special projects in the past, but I think you’ll agree, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition … Continue reading

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Windows to the rescue?

Cnet has assembled a collection of articles on Microsoft’s new version of its Windows Media Center software. Apparently the new software does two things: Costs a fortune. Allows you to record TV on your computer. Contrast this to TiVo, which … Continue reading

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My view of gay marriage

Let me start by saying that I couldn’t care less what gender combinations are involved in domestic unions. I’m with John Scalzi, who points out that the strength of his own marriage has nothing to do with who’s allowed to … Continue reading

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My emotions right now are …

Sad: The Panthers lose after Willig tosses a penalty flag and puts them out of field goal range Depressed: Superman is dead Resigned: Bush — I mean Allawi — is holding off attacks against Iraqi insurgents until after the election … Continue reading

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Republican agrees kerning existed in 1972

In a dramatic flip-flop, lifelong Republican Dick Ott of Racine, Wisconsin now admits that kerning was widely used as early as 1972. “As it turns out, kerning has been a feature of typography since nearly its beginning,” Ott opined on … Continue reading

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Best response to the “Iraqi deaths count” argument

Remember how Cheney argued that the U.S. only suffered fifty percent of the casualties in Iraq? Found this in the Political Animal comments thread: Fine, whatever. But you know, Cheney really could have gone farther. If we count not only … Continue reading

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Scoring a hit of my drug of choice

I’m used to getting a regular fix, you know, man? Do you know where I can get some? I don’t have to inject it; I can take it up the nose if I need to. I need this, man. You … Continue reading

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Who won?

I was watching as closely as the next guy, and frankly our man got in trouble a lot. There was that point, right near the beginning, when he was on the ropes, and it looked like the Dark Empire was … Continue reading

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Are bloggers “scandalmongers”?

I haven’t seen a lot of blogs covering this story. Kairosnews has a post about it, and Instapundit had a brief entry on it, but otherwise, silence (I should add that my blogroll isn’t very extensive. Maybe everyone’s harping all … Continue reading

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