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Over. Developed.

I went for a bike ride yesterday in Lake Norman State Park. It’s a nice-sized preserve alongside man-made Lake Norman. In fact, it’s apparently the only stretch of lakefront not slated for development. The experience of riding along this undeveloped … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never be an abortion activist

The fallout from last weekend’s March for Women’s Lives has hit Charlotte hot and heavy. First there were the letters to the editor, asking why the Charlotte Observer didn’t print pictures of aborted fetuses instead of covering the march on … Continue reading

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Online music: what’s going on?

cnet, of all places, has what looks to be a well-researched story about online music services in general and iTunes in particular. What’s most stunning about the article is its confirmation that record labels are already experimenting with price increases: … Continue reading

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Boom Box fever

Found the Boom Box Museum today, thanks to Boing Boing. For those of you whippersnappers too young to remember these behemoths, I’ll have you know that in my day, these things defined cool. In fact, I can still remember L.L. … Continue reading

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Proof that I am an uncultured slob

I admit it. I read my local newspaper, the Charlotte Observer. Even worse, I read the Observer’s generic Sunday magazine, Parade. For those of you from the cultural uberclass who refuse to read a newspaper that has a comics section, … Continue reading

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The e-book: Death to publishers?

This article describes Sony’s latest effort to produce a truly usable e-book. Based on the optimistic marketing-ese in the article, it sounds like they finally might have done it. The reader uses new e-paper technology, where no energy is required … Continue reading

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College: a haven for the rich?

I just finished reading a New York Times article warning of how the wealthy are coming to dominate college admissions (Google link). Some of the statistics in the article are staggering. For instance: More members of this year’s freshman class … Continue reading

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Google to offer free personal robot

Riding on the success of its new gmail service, Google today unveiled plans to offer each customer a free personal robot. Named gJeeves, the new robot will do “anything you ask it to do…anything,” Google founder Sergey Brin said with … Continue reading

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Kids on the Internet

A lot of people (maybe most people, if you read Ann Landers) see the Internet as a place where perverts and freaks spend their time looking for little girls to abduct, or identities to steal. For example, a recent article … Continue reading

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Coming Soon will soon be providing up to the minute news, views, and satire. It will be timely, topical, and true, right up to the minute it is posted. After that is anybody’s guess! EDIT 4/22/04: You see how fast things … Continue reading

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