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I’ve been playing with some of the features of my new iMac. One of them is a built-in camera that lets you take pictures of yourself. Nora has insisted that I put this self-portrait on my blog. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Why aren’t more people better at plagiarizing?

The Morning News is launching a contest to see if there is a “writer” out there who can create a coherent and original piece of fiction completely made from the works of others. It’s called the TMN “Sloppy Seconds With … Continue reading

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Do you hate my blog’s design more than I hate designing blogs?

I’ve never been especially happy with Word Munger’s design, but now that I have a new iMac and see how particularly bad it looks on a nice bright screen in Safari, I’ve started to think about a redesign. Problem is, … Continue reading

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At last, we’ve found the reason for rising tuition costs!

It’s tenure! As Michael B. puts it: You heard that right, folks: tuition has been going up 10 percent a year for the past 15 years, faculty raises have averaged 3 percent a year during that time, therefore faculty are … Continue reading

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Inadvertent 420 reference

I didn’t even realize it was 4/20 until after I made the post … honest!

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Happy birthday, Word Munger!

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Word Munger is now two years old. Just a year ago, Word Munger took his first baby steps. Now he’s toddling around so quick, you can hardly keep up with him. You might think he … Continue reading

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Yet another argument for paper ballots

Why, oh why do we need complicated voting machines to record a simple choice? Apparently because it’s much easier to steal an election that way.

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My copyediting experience

I, like Anne, just finished going over a copyedited manuscript. Unlike Anne, it didn’t take me six weeks, and I think the copyeditor did a fairly decent job. Either that or I’m just a worse copyeditor than my copyeditor. Also, … Continue reading

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Vision-based micro flying machines

Amazing tiny remote-controlled airplane. Check out the video: It’s now being developed into an autonomous flying machine. They’ve already achieved 5 minutes of autonomous flight in a 20-foot-square room. edit: oops! Main link doesn’t work — you have to click … Continue reading

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Snarky post title

Witty, yet cryptic catchline Obligatory disclaimer indicating that I know everyone has already linked to this, but I’m providing it as well, just in case you missed it. Expression of gratitude

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I’ve been invited to participate in a new service called Blogburst. It’s supposed to syndicate this blog to newspapers, etc., thus increasing my traffic. Interesting concept. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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Duke has problems

No, not those problems, these problems. Somehow I can’t bring myself to care. I used to be a big Duke fan. Thanks to their lacrosse team, I’m not sure I ever will be again.

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The privatization of the Smithsonian

My “favorite” newspaper has an article about how the Smithsonian just sold its soul to the devil.

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Babies laughing

If death by cuteness was possible, this might just do the trick.

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Jill Carroll released!

I’m sure Doug Hoffman will be glad to hear this: Abducted journalist Jill Carroll has been released in Baghdad.

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More depressing news

Rachel S. at Alas, A Blog is following the story of the Duke lacrosse team’s racially motivated gang-rape of a dancer they hired for a party. To me the most sickening aspect of this episode is the way ABC covered … Continue reading

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The frightening facts about science education

Orac has a depressing post about how science teachers in Arkansas are self-censoring what they teach, avoiding the “e-word” and any mention of how old rocks are. Sad.

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Audiobook recommendation?

I’m about to head out on a 10-hour drive, and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an audiobook to keep me company. I was thinking I’d do Chris Mooney’s Republican War on Science, but it turns out, that’s … Continue reading

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The top three living humans listed in a Google search for Munger live in North Carolina. And two of us are writers. Who’d a thunk it? Number one, however, is a district of India.

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A moment for self-promotion

I have an article up on about when scientists take their results directly to the mainstream press, without submitting them to peer review first. Here’s a snippet: Given the recent hot news about fraudulent stem cell research in South … Continue reading

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