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A couple years ago I decided I’d try to read an entire book online while simultaneously creating an online copy of the book. The point was supposed to be to demonstrate that serious online reading was possible if only proper … Continue reading

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RIP Moby Blook

I decided to pull the plug on the Moby Blook experiment. I’ve deleted the WordPress front end from the server and archived the database. I think it’s possible to restore if there’s demand for it, but the project has been … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Word Munger!

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Word Munger is now two years old. Just a year ago, Word Munger took his first baby steps. Now he’s toddling around so quick, you can hardly keep up with him. You might think he … Continue reading

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I’m looking for a few good readers

I started the Moby Blook project a few months back with ambitious goals — to put the entire text of Moby Dick online in blog form, then read it myself, and report on the reading experience. I stopped at chapter … Continue reading

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It has begun

Don’t have time for a long post now; suffice it to say that the Moby Blook has started. Only one chapter (plus “Etymology”) up so far. Some horrendous typos/formatting gaffes which, unfortunately again, I don’t have time to fix just … Continue reading

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More Moby Blook stuff

The design is getting closer and closer to what I’m looking for. I’ve gotten the sidebar to look pretty good, and even figured out how to automatically generate a table of contents (sort of pointless for a short story). The … Continue reading

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Getting there…

The design for the Moby Blook is beginning to take shape. It doesn’t quite work for a short story, though: the little running headers at the top of each page now just repeat the title of the story, but in … Continue reading

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Playing around in photoshop

How’s this for a header? I know, I know, the whale is black, but I kinda like it.

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Moby Blook design update

Still working on the design for the Moby Dick project, still using “Bartleby” as my sample text. Today I worked on generating a format for the page headers. Each “page” corresponds to a blog entry, and offers about 3 screens’ … Continue reading

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Moby Blook up and running — sort of

I’ve now created a new Moby Dick Blook. You can check out the link to see how it’s going, but right now there isn’t much there: just the standard WordPress entry-level blog. I’ll be customizing it in my spare time … Continue reading

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Moby Dick: the first-ever blook?

I’m very nearly settled on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick for my proposed blook project. Why Moby Dick? Well, first off, I like Melville — what little I’ve read of him. I thought “Bartleby, The Scrivener” was an amazing read: both … Continue reading

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